Modders Add A Nuke To An 11 Year Old Game And It Looks Better Than Fallout 76

Bethesda’s Fallout 76 hasn’t has the best start in life, and it’s been pretty much universally panned since its release last month.

Fallout 76 map

One thing of particular note amongst Fallout fans is the nukes in the new title, which not everyone has been impressed with. Some gamers have even branded the nukes as “trash” and saying they “suck.”

Some Fallout fans have even gone so far as to compare the nukes in 76 to nukes modded into an 11-year-old game, with lots of people saying the older, modded title does a better job than Bethesda.

Fallout 76 map

The game in question, Crysis, has been modded to replace its rocket launcher with a nuke weapon.

On a repost on Reddit, the video has been creating a lot of criticism for the upcoming Bethesda title, with lots of people claiming Bethesda should have done better.

One Redditer even wrote: “This is what a nuke from an 11 year old game with a graphics tweak looks like, Bethesda,” suggesting that even an older game has done better than the 2018 title’s nukes…

YouTube video

What do you think about the nukes in Fallout 76?