Gamers Figured Out A Way To Beat Arcade Machine Every Time

Before we get into this story, we don’t condone cheating! But we do appreciate when someone comes up with a genius and fool-proof method of beating pesky arcade machines!

That’s just what a bunch of teenagers have done though, and it’s such a simple way of cheating, it’s difficult to see why this hasn’t been done before…

The machine they managed to beat is a Deal or No Deal machine, which essentially works by moving prize boxes around really quickly, leaving you to figure out what’s inside each box, which low amounts need to go and which need to stay in the game.

In a video showing the teens’ success, they can be seen recording the boxes moving and then they watch the clip backwards – with slow motion – to show them exactly which box is which.

It’s simple, but it’s genius!

The video’s description reads: “Some teenage geniuses show ‘how to beat an arcade machine’, with a Deal or No Deal machine being hacked using a camera phone.

“Popular game show ‘Deal or No deal’, broadcast on Australian TV between 2003 and 2015, release a spin-off arcade game based closely on the show.

“At the start of the game, 16 briefcases are shown open with their contents visible (points between one and 800). The cases are then closed and rapidly shuffled.

“Normally, it is impossible to follow the case with the highest number of points, but these teenagers film the shuffling on their phones and then quickly review the footage in slow motion so that they can determine the position of the winning case. Armed with this information they then proceed to select the correct case and make the optimum deal at the end.”

YouTube video

 Now, again, we don’t recommend you cheat your way to arcade Deal or No Deal fame, and it’s important to note the teens won themselves arcade tickets, and not any super-cool prizes, but it’s still definitely a nifty little cheat…
Since the video’s been making the rounds, it’s likely that arcade owners will find a way to kill this specific method of besting the game before it gets overly popular.
Watch the clip above and let us know what you think of the cheating in the comments below!