Fallout 76 Player Finds A Way To Fly In The Game

Fallout 76 may not have had the launch, reception, or reviews that Bethesda intended it to, but that doesn’t mean that players aren’t finding their own ways to have fun within the game. YouTuber TYR has managed to find a way to get his character to actually fly within Fallout 76, which is definitely one way to explore … Read more

All Of The Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheat Codes Have Been Found

It’s Black Friday and Amazon have great deals on all things gaming and tech check them out here: US Amazon Black Friday deal UK Amazon Black Friday deal What’s a Rockstar game without an extensive list of cheat codes to work your way through? It’s not much, and thanks to IGN the full list of Red Dead … Read more

Rockstar Games Permitted To Raid The Homes Of Accused GTA V Cheaters

Cheating is definitely a problem for a lot of games, and it seems Rockstar Games isn’t taking kindly to cheating in its hit title, Grand Theft Auto 5. According to reports, Rockstar has ben granted permission to search the homes of players in Australia who’ve been accused of making cheat software. Rockstar and its parent company, … Read more

Streamer Finds COD Blackout Bug That Lets You Run Three Times Faster

Everyone’s been either playing, streaming, watching or talking about Call Of Duty‘s latest game, Black Ops 4. Launching to impressive sales last week, the title has gotten everyone hyped for COD once again, but the game appears to have a pretty impressive bug… Twitch streamer xQcOW encountered a COD bug that allows you to move at … Read more