Red Dead Online Player Finds Super Easy Way To Make $$$ With Easy Fishing Trick

Red Dead Online has been a bit of a rollercoaster when it  comes to its economy. When the online multiplayer first launched people complained about the skewed economy that led to hours of gameplay for minimal reward.

A recent patch then resolved the issue, and now microtransactions are live, so if you really can’t be bothered you can just fork out some real-world money and cut some corners.

Credit: Rockstar Games

However, if you refuse to bow down to the microtransaction lords, and if you just want to make a quick buck, one player has come up with a way how, and it’s pretty ingenious.

Posting on Facebook’s The Red Dead Redemption 2 Group, a user by the name of Justin Cowart writes: “This might seem weird but let me assure you it’s the best way to fish right now $50 every ten minutes you don’t need bait, you don’t need a fishing pole you don’t even need to hold the controller. FREE FISH.”

Credit: Facebook

The secret is incredibly simple. Kill an animal such as a deer, drop it into a source of water and watch as the fish swim over to feast on its corpse.

Then all you need to do is simply pick up each fish – no pole required.

See? Absolute genius!

Credit: Rockstar Games

Let us know if you’ve tried this!

As for the game’s microtransactions…well, people aren’t exactly pleased. In fact, lots of people are boycotting them completely so as to send a very clear message to Rockstar Games.

Microtransactions were recently added into the game, with some temporary savings available for players looking to invest. The game will usually charge $9.99 for 25 gold bars, but you can currently pick them up for $4.99. You can, however, only get the deal once per account.

Pretty clever, Rockstar…

Picking up the 350 gold bar bundle right now will set you back $100. Something which fans definitely aren’t happy about.

Here’s the full list of current US and UK prices:

  • One-time offer – 25 gold bars for $4.99/£4.49
  • 25 gold bars for $9.99/£8.99
  • 55 gold bars $19.99/£18.49
  • 150 gold bars for $49.99/£44.99
  • 245 gold bars for $74.99/£69.99
  • 350 gold bars for $99.99/£89.99

Have you bought any gold bars?