Pokémon Let’s Go Players Have Found A Way To Make Catching Easier Every Time

The Pokémon Let’s Go games for the Nintendo Switch are proving to be a lot of fun, but it can get a bit tedious when you’re struggling to catch Pokémon.

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Some players have criticised the game for it’s capturing mechanics, which some believe are entirely random and not at all down to your Poké-skills.

However, a Reddit user by the name of cherrylwin may have found a pretty nifty little trick to help you score a catch, every single time.

Posting on the r/pokemon subreddit, cherrylwin writes: “I just found out that if you use the double catching thing with one person using the master ball, it’ll automatically make the ring green so the other person can use any ball and it’ll guarantee a catch!

Credit: Nintendo

“It doesn’t use up the master ball either. You could pretty much catch any Pokémon super easily as long as you don’t throw the master ball accidentally.”


The cheat seems to not work for every player, with lots of people reporting it’s not 100% guaranteed, but cherrylwin used the hack to nab a Mewtwo in one try.

User 4tamic added to the thread: “Judging by how most people are saying it doesn’t guarantee a catch for them, I’m guessing that when the main trainer has the Masterball out, it causes the green catch ring to display and no matter what the support trainer has out, the Masterball overrides it because it has the 100% catch rate.

Credit: Nintendo

“So even if the support trainer uses a Pokeball, the ring would appear green. My guess would be that it’s merely a graphical glitch (maybe more like oversight, because I don’t think the devs intended only the support trainer to throw a ball) and the catch rate remains the same on the ball the support trainer used, despite the green ring.”

Lots of players are reporting success with the cheat though, so it’s definitely worth a try!

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Have you given it a go, and did it work for you?