Streamer Finds COD Blackout Bug That Lets You Run Three Times Faster

Everyone’s been either playing, streaming, watching or talking about Call Of Duty‘s latest game, Black Ops 4. Launching to impressive sales last week, the title has gotten everyone hyped for COD once again, but the game appears to have a pretty impressive bug…

Twitch streamer xQcOW encountered a COD bug that allows you to move at three times the normal speed, and the results are pretty hilarious.

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think. Have you tried this out yet?

Black Ops 4 boasts some of the most impressive sales in the history of COD…sort of.

The game debuted with the lowest numbers of physical launch sales in a massive 11 years, with a 59% reduction of boxes games being sold.

The last time COD had such few physical sales was way back when Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare released in 2007.

Luckily for Activision, those are just the numbers for physical copies sold…when it comes to digital, the game has been absolutely dominating the charts.

According to reports, the game is responsible for setting a new record for Activision, for most digital downloads at launch, achieving the biggest numbers in the history of the company.

The good news doesn’t end there though, as the game has also become the fastest-selling digital game in PlayStation history for titles sold on the PlayStation Store, and it’s Activision’s biggest digital launch for Xbox as well.

The massive drop in physical sales versus digital might be down to Black Ops 4‘s massive – and pretty unexpected – size.

In the same week of its release, it was announced that there was going to be a mammoth 50GB (approximately) day-one patch, and the news left lots of fans a little less than pleased…

To make sure that people had the time to install the game before it hit midnight on release day, retailers including the UK’s GAME, Amazon UK and more began to offer the title the day before its official release.

Have you been playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 4?