This Twitch Streamer Allegedly Banned His Subscribers For Being Female

Twitch usually has a lot of controversy when it comes to females – from semi-naked female streamers to certain people refusing to stream with women – it seems at least some of the Twitch community takes issues with girls in gaming.

One of those people in particular is JasonR, who’s allegedly banning female subscribers from the chat in his streams.

According to multiple sources, including Reddit and Twitter, his female audience is randomly being banned, with people claiming it’s due to their gender.

missPerceived posted a link to the following transcript between herself and a mod of the stream:

“MyStumpyLegs: So it’s a long story but you aren’t the only one [banned], it’s probably easier to explain over voice chat to be honest
“missPerceived: what happened?
“missPerceived: cause i just got rando banned…
“MyStumpyLegs: ughh okay basically its not just you, he bans all girls in his chat
“MyStumpyLegs: i think its something to do with his girlfriend
“missPerceived: what the f*ck
“MyStumpyLegs: i dont know if its him or her that decides
“MyStumpyLegs: but yeah basically any obvious girls (like your username) get banned
“MyStumpyLegs: not by the mods
“missPerceived: i didnt do anything
“missPerceived: thats not even fair feelsbadman
“MyStumpyLegs: ur not alone.”

A post investigating the situation on Reddit also claims that JasonR has previously said: “I f*cking ban these hoes..Every single girl on Twitch is a little f*cking hoe.”

One of the channel’s mods also commented on the Reddit thread, stating: “I’m a mod in his channel and have been following him for 2 years.

“It’s all real, he’s been doing this for ~6 months now. I’ve witnessed at least 5 bans so far, he bans everyone with a girls nickname even tho theyve done nothing wrong.

Jason and his gf even went after Sintilla, the twitch admin. Again for no apparent reason.”

Speaking on the issue, which is getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons, missPerceived tweeted: “I never thought I would be THAT girl on twitter spilling tea but I have done literally nothing, my streams are all memes and crispy clean headshots.

“I am not a thot, I am not over sexual. I’m 18 and I like watching good cs players. I threatened 0 relationships.”

JasonR commented on the situation, saying: “I did nothing wrong. I know as much as these little weird little f*cks that get butthurt over nothing think that I did something wrong, I did nothing wrong. I didn’t disrespect anybody, I didn’t do anything wrong. Bro, I literally ban people every f*cking day.”

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