Streamer JasonR Accused Of ‘Dodging’ Female Players In Valorant

A Twitch streamer called JasonR has been accused of deliberately “dodging” female players while playing Valorant. Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski is a popular streamer and former CS:GO pro. He has been streaming since 2015, and has faced numerous accusations of avoiding women in games. Professional Valorant player Annie Dro claimed on February 22nd that over 50 … Read more

This Twitch Streamer Allegedly Banned His Subscribers For Being Female

Twitch usually has a lot of controversy when it comes to females – from semi-naked female streamers to certain people refusing to stream with women – it seems at least some of the Twitch community takes issues with girls in gaming. One of those people in particular is JasonR, who’s allegedly banning female subscribers from the … Read more