Fallout 76’s Power Armour Glitch Turns Your Character Into A Naked Animal

Bethesda’s latest offering in the Fallout franchise, Fallout 76, launched to somewhat mixed reviews, with lots of people complaining that the game is filled with bugs and glitches that are seriously affecting gameplay. One of the bugs in particular has gotten fans pretty confused, and it’s all to do with power armour. Reports of the … Read more

PUBG Tried To Implement Fortnite-Like Event Mode But Had To Cancel It

PUBG is trying so, so hard to fix itself but it’s not going as well as people hoped… The latest issue the game is facing is a problem with its Event Mode, which PUBG has announced as unplayable due to a “critical error.” Posting on Twitter, the PUBG Help page wrote: “PC Players: Unfortunately, this … Read more

Streamer Finds COD Blackout Bug That Lets You Run Three Times Faster

Everyone’s been either playing, streaming, watching or talking about Call Of Duty‘s latest game, Black Ops 4. Launching to impressive sales last week, the title has gotten everyone hyped for COD once again, but the game appears to have a pretty impressive bug… Twitch streamer xQcOW encountered a COD bug that allows you to move at … Read more

The 7 most broken videogames of all time that frustrated gamers

Most games have at least a few little bugs and glitches at launch, it’s something we’ve come to expect. Sometimes, it goes a lot deeper than that. Whether it’s online servers that can’t handle the hoards of players on launch day, or game-breaking bugs that make it unplayable, there are certain things that can tank … Read more