Red Dead Online’s Biggest City Is Being Taken Over By Glitched-Out Boats

If you’ve created one of the biggest games of 2018 – and pretty much one of the biggest games of all time – then you definitely need to know what you’re doing when you launch the online multiplayer version of that game.

Credit: Rockstar Games

But no matter how experienced you might be (GTA Online, anyone?) you’re still going to get glitches, bugs and general loading and server issues when you launch an online title. At least in the first week of its release. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Red Dead Online.

Rockstar Games’ latest offering in the world of online gaming is seriously impressive, but one of its glitches is seriously funny, and it’s completely baffling players.

Credit: Rockstar Games

A crazy amount of burned-out boats have started spawning in the town of St. Denis, which has pretty tiny streets already without having to think about the random boat spawns.

It’s not known why this is happening and whether it actually will have a purpose in the future, but for now, it’s funny AF.

On Twitter, one user joked: “glad to see red dead authentically representing the great boat calamity of 1899, a plague in which identical boats rained from the sky for 13 days and 13 nights because god was mad at americans for industrializing.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

Have you come across any random boats in Red Dead Online?