Players think that this Red Dead Glitch is Hinting At Red Dead Redemption 1 Remaster DLC

For a while now fans have been crying out for a remake or even a remaster of the infamous Red Dead Redemption. The pleas to Rockstar Games have only gotten louder since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, but players might have just discovered a reason to believe Rockstar is taking the request seriously.

An RDR2 glitch has led gamers to believe that an RDR remaster really is coming – and it might even be DLC for the newer title.

If you haven’t yet completed RDR2 I’d go back and finish it before you read on, because this glitch takes place in a particularly dense part of the storyline…You have been spoiler-warned.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Still here? Good.

So during the game’s epilogue you’ll be playing as John Marston, constructing Beecher’s Hope ranch. During this final part of the game, an audio glitch can be heard.

When greeting NPCs, it seems as though John begins to speak with the voice of the adult Jack Marston.

The phenomenon was captured on video thanks to YouTuber Elemeno Peah. Check it out below.

YouTube video

The reason why this is particularly notable is because of the epilogue to Red Dead Redemption, in which you played as adult Jack, so it could be a pretty strong hint from Rockstar Games that we could be getting a remaster of RDR.

The YouTube video in question has been disputed by players though.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Commenting on the clip, one user wrote: “Fake. At the end when he jumps you can hear John’s grunt not Jack’s.”

Another keen-eyed viewer said: “It was edited, you can see that when John it’s going to talk he moved the head the other way so we can’t see the lips out off sync.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

I couldn’t find any other videos of the glitch in question and it’s not something I’ve experienced in the game myself.

What do you think, real or fake?