Fallout 4: Best Graphical Mods To Make The Game Look Better

Fallout 4 has already seen a lot of mods in just two weeks since its release. The PC gaming community is not at holding it back when it comes to releasing mods for the game. There are numerous awesome mods which allows to make the wasteland more adventurous and make it look better.

Today we look at some mods that makes the open world of Fallout 4 more beautiful and stunning to look at. Here are a few of them –

1. Pip Boy Shadows


This mod by McGuffin projects the shadows from light sources in a realistic way. The shadows of the pip-boy, headlamps and the power armor looks cool.

You can get this mod here.

2. Enhanced Wasteland


This ReShade Framework/SweetFX mod makes the wasteland look more lively. It also makes the ‘washed out’ look of the open world disappear. The mod is developed by Razed.

You can get the mod here.

3. Water Enhancement Texture (WET)


If you are still not happy about how the water looks in Fallout 4 here’s a mod you would love to check out. Water Enhancement Texture (WET) mod by SparrowPrince makes the water in the game look more realistic and dynamic.

You can get the mod here.

4. FO4 Rain


This mod from ramccoid offers more realistic weather effects to the game. The mod also creates beautiful ripples of the rain and is more dynamic than the original rain.

You can get the mod here.

5. Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars


This mod makes the night sky of Fallout 4 more beautiful. The starscape after the mod goes to 4K from a mere 1K before. This mod from Gorgulla should surely be on your cards if you love to have a better view of the sky at night.

6. Texture Optimization Project


The Texture Optimization Project mod from torcher improves the framerate of the game. The mod also reduces some large texture sizes without decreasing the visual quality of the game. You should check this mod out if you love performance and high framerate.

You can get the mod here.

7. FAR – Faraway Area Reform (LOD)


This mod makes the distant areas in the game more clearly visible. This will help you in spotting faraway areas and make you have a better field of view. Interesting, isn’t it? The mod is developed by SparrowPrince.

You can get the mode here.

8. Dynamic Shadow Boost


This mod from Alexander Blade gives you more of a control over the framerate issues. You can customize the distance of shadows according to your wished framerate. This mod will certainly be your choice if you are fed up of the dropping framerate in more populated areas.

You can get the mod here.

These are just some of the neat graphical enhancement mods available for the game. We’ll be adding more so be sure to check back often. If you’ve any mods to share on your own, please do so below.