WATCH: Guy Destroys Store After Being Told He Can’t Return Fallout 76

Bethesda’s most recent release, Fallout 76, launched to lack-lustre reviews and a bit of anger in the community. Branded as “buggy” and “insulting,” the game’s really failed to impress, but some people are more p*ssed off than others… @BethesdaStudios this reusing the same game engine for over 10 plus years now is getting insulting. When i looked … Read more

Thousands Of People Want Razer To Make And Sell A Toaster

Razer might be known as one of the giants of the gaming/manufacturing world, but fans of the company aren’t looking for a new headset or gaming mouse – they’re looking for a toaster. A Facebook group known as Give us the Razer Toaster is working hard to make sure everyone’s dreams come true with perfectly toasted Razer … Read more

Here’s What Happens When Trolls Play Video Games #2

GamingVid has once again provided us with a glorious compilation video filled to the brim with hilarious snippets of trolls at their best. There seem to be no limits to their cruelly humorous imagination, and to be honest, I’m thankful for it. GamingVid’s previous videos literally had me on the floor rolling with laughter, but … Read more

SNOW Has The Most Bizarre Physics of Any Video Game Ever

Our resident YouTuber YowPow recently decided to have a bash at a game called SNOW from the Steam store. SNOW is the only free, open-world winter sports game available, and thus offered the possibility of a unique and interesting gaming experience for YowPow. An interesting experience is exactly what he got. It seems like the … Read more

gta fails

Impossible Not To Watch This Hilarious Compilation of GTA V Fails

You may remember our other article showing trolls abusing players across a variety of video games. Once again supplied by the hilarious GamingVid channel, this video is another must-see compilation of gaming clips that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter (literally, you will ROFL). This time the compilation of clips is all … Read more