Watch What Happens When Trolls Play Video Games

One of the most common complaints from gamers is about other gamers trolling them during play. If there is a game that exists with an online multiplayer component, you can be damn sure there will be trolls abusing its mechanics to make other gamers lives a misery. However, when we are not the ones being … Read more

Fallout Fan Forced To Destroy His Vinyls For A Refund By Bethesda

Here’s a painful one for ‘ya. If you love all things Fallout, you might have decided to spend your hard earned cash on the limited edition four disc Fallout 3 soundtrack back in the day, like Paul Watson did. Hopefully, you weren’t as unlucky as he was. To his surprise, one of the four discs was … Read more

You Wouldn’t Believe What Rockstar Announced For GTA VI

Since the popular release of GTA V in September 2013, fans of Rockstar Games have been kept in the dark about the details of the next installment of the series. Related Video: GTA VI: Six Things That Will Make It The Best Game Ever Many fans have speculated that GTA V would be the last … Read more