Far Cry New Dawn’s Latest Trailer Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Far Cry 5 ended with pretty much the end of the world but just because you completed the game doesn’t mean the story ends there… Far Cry New Dawn, the next chapter in the story of Hope County and Joseph Seed, is due to release next month and Ubisoft has just dropped a brand-new story … Read more

Ubisoft Teaser Shows What Could Be A New Far Cry Game

The internet has just gone into overload thanks to a 50 second clip uploaded to the official Ubisoft North America YouTube channel. The clip looks like it could be teasing a new Far Cry game, and if not, we’re looking at a brand-new something or other, because none of what’s seen in the clip looks … Read more

Far Cry 5 details leaked, might be set in the Wild West

Several days ago a Montana-based newspaper reported that a live-action trailer was currently being filmed in the state. Many speculated that the commercial may have been for Red Dead Redemption 2. However, recent information reveals that the trailer might actually be for next Far Cry entry. The hunt for new information on the commercial began after Kotaku writer, … Read more

Ubisoft is teasing a new Far Cry project

Ubisoft dropped a pretty big tease recently, in French, on their Facebook page. It was a message, along with the following image, that said “Une île que l’on n’a jamais vraiment quittée.” That translates to “An island that we never really left.” The image is a picture of the island from Far Cry 3, and … Read more

Far Cry: Primal annnounced, releases Feb 23, 2016

Ubisoft has announced its next Far Cry game and it’s called Far Cry: Primal. The game’s a open-world encounter set in the Stone Age. The game takes place in 10,000 BC and is developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The company released its first trailer which shows an epic clash with a woolly mammoth, a Sabre-toothed cat … Read more