Far Cry 5 details leaked, might be set in the Wild West

Several days ago a Montana-based newspaper reported that a live-action trailer was currently being filmed in the state. Many speculated that the commercial may have been for Red Dead Redemption 2. However, recent information reveals that the trailer might actually be for next Far Cry entry.

The hunt for new information on the commercial began after Kotaku writer, Jason Schreier made the following statement:

“This is all very vague so I don’t want to put the wrong pieces together and make an educated guess that turns out to be incorrect, but just to help prevent too many people from getting excited, I don’t think this is RDR2; I think it’s the next game game in a different series that I’ve heard is set in a location that sounds a lot like this. Rockstar doesn’t do live-action trailers, after all.”

Image: farcry.wikia.com

Jeff Guillot is directing the trailer in question. In the past, Guillot has been the director for trailers of several Ubisoft IP’s including Driver and Red Steel 2.

According to Guillot, the game he is currently making a trailer for is set to launch in September of this year. Additionally, he made it crystal clear that the game is a “sequel” of an “existing global franchise.” Given that the Far Cry series is one of Ubisoft’s most profitable properties, we can infer that the trailer might be for Far Cry 5.

Image: Ubisoft

Additional evidence that posits the live action trailer is for Far Cry includes a 2015 survey, the publisher ran, which considered a “Western Theme” for a future Far Cry title. It is also worth noting that in the same year, Ubisoft spent an extended period in Big Sky Country, interviewing locals for information so they could better portray Montana in an upcoming unannounced game. While the evidence is still a big vague to officially confirm or deny, the roads lead back that Ubisoft is either working on a western-themed

While the evidence is still a big vague to officially confirm or deny, it’s possible that Ubisoft is working on a western-themed Far Cry game, or another property (it would be kind of interesting to see an Assassins Creed game set in the wild west though.)

image: gamespot.com

Lastly, the final detail to consider recently surfaced. In Ubisoft’s recent fiscal reporting, they announced that four major AAA titles would be released by the end of the fiscal year. Several of these titles includes South Park: The Fractured But Whole and the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game.

Until Ubisoft releases new information on their upcoming title, all we can do is speculate. Hopefully, new information will surface by E3 2017 in June.