This Fallout 3 Player Completed The Game And All DLC Without Healing

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This Alaskan Town Is Basically a Real-Life Tenpenny Tower

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Report – Fallout 3 Could Be Getting HD Remake on PS4 And Xbox One

Bethesda released the latest iteration of Fallout last year and it has been doing quite well. The company also announced it long-term DLC plans for the game yesterday. It also made the not so pleasant announcement of increasing the Season Pass price from $30 to $50, something that many fans didn’t like. However, there might … Read more

Fallout Fan Forced To Destroy His Vinyls For A Refund By Bethesda

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The History of Fallout From Past To Present – A Timeline

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Fallout 3 Completed Less Than 24 Minutes World Record

Bethesda’s Fallout 3 video game is filled with a huge world, several campaigns and a ton of mystery for players to explore. So while it may take hours on top of hours to complete this game, one gamer managed to do it in less than 24 minutes making this a world record for completing the … Read more