Developer Gets Review Bombed For Anti-Mask Rhetoric In Patch Notes

A developer is getting review bombed on Steam after making an out-of-place anti-mask rhetoric in the patch notes. As reported by Eurogamer, the developer in question is indie studio Dolphin Barn Incorporated and it’s for the gladiator game, Domina. As a consequence, many fans have voiced their anger at the remarks. On the Steam update … Read more

A crowded esports tournament

Here’s How Coronavirus Has Impacted Esports So Far

Over the last few months, coronavirus (COVID-19) has been spreading across the world, impacting early every single industry, including esports. In an effort to curb the spread of the virus, governments in many countries have begun to enact strict measures aimed at enforcing “social distancing”. This is a method that ensures people avoid prolonged close … Read more

A graph showing the peak of Steam

Coronavirus Means A Record-Breaking Number of Gamers Are On Steam

This Monday, Steam logged over 20 million gamers online, smashing through its previous number record. Well, what else are we meant to do whilst we’re all stuck at home because of coronavirus, other than play video games? The popularity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam over the last four months has certainly had an impact … Read more