ESL Is Taking The CS:GO Pro League Online For Season 11

It’s official – Season 11 of Esports League’s (ESL) popular CS:GO Pro League will be battled out online! This decision has been made to try and minimise the risk of players, crew and fans contracting coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption for sporting events across the globe. Some leagues have been postponed or cancelled, while others have looked for a unique solution – moving to the online world.

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Credit – ESL

When the ESL announced the new format for the CS:GO Pro League, they also explained some changes to ensure fair competition from home, guaranteeing minimal risk for participants and fans. 

The revamp has completely changed the outlook for the season. We’re seeing all sorts of new stuff – new regional divisions, team replacements, new groups and seedings as well. This is all alongside a full daily schedule, featuring information about the league’s Playoff stage and Finals.

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Credit – ESL

What Are The Changes to CS:GO Pro League?

The changes include split regional divisions to minimise potential network issues and to ensure players can play in more or less their time zone (since they won’t be travelling around much anymore).

Due to the widespread disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, some teams have dropped out or been replaced. ESL has officially confirmed four of its teams have been swapped out.

  • Due to health concerns around travelling, Renegades have been replaced by Swole Patrol
  • Sharks have decided not to participate in the tournament, citing safety concerns, they’ve been replaced by MIBR
  • BOOM has been replaced by Team Spirit due to recent “developments in Brazil”
  • Heroic has been replaced by BIG as they were not able to confirm an available roster.
  • All teams that have decided to participate are not disqualified and may return for the next season of the Pro League.
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Credit – Valve

One thing that has not changed is the competitive format. Games have still been played as best-of-three matches with production out of the ESL Studio in Cologne, Germany. ESL has been trying to maintain the standard level of entertainment for the event.

The only significant format change has been that Groups C and D have been played in the last slot of the day, while some 6 PM matches feature teams from North America.

Featured Image Credit – ESL