New Street Fighter 6 Logo Is An $80 Stock Asset

The new Street Fighter logo has come under a lot of fire since the reveal of Street Fighter 6, mainly because of the viewed downgrade between older logos and the new. Now, there’s a whole fresh can of worms that’s been opened. According to Twitter user Aurich, the new logo was bought from an Adobe … Read more

Rumour Says Resident Evil 8 Is Already In Development

The Resident Evil 2 remake may have only just released, but RE fans are already crossing their fingers for the next game in the series – Resident Evil 8. According to one Twitter user who claims to be a Capcom insider, the game is already in the works, and from what’s being said so far … Read more

Capcom Is Crowned The ‘Best Games Publisher’ Of 2018

Metacritic has crowned Capcom as the best games publisher of 2018 in recently-released stats. The company has been rated as the best large publisher in Metacritic’s annual rankings, a massive jump from last years’ results, where the company landed fifth place. The results come not from consumers but from critics only, with the numbers gathered … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 Outsells Resident Evil 2 By An Insane Amount

2019 is going to be a fantastic year for the gaming community. We’re still in January and we’ve already seen the launches of some of the most highly-anticipated games of all time – namely, the Resident Evil 2 remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. In Japan both titles released on the same day, 25th January 2019, but … Read more

Capcom Will Remake Resident Evil 3 – Depending On Fan Enthusiasm

Following the jaw-dropping reception of the recently-released Resident Evil 2 remake, fans of the series are all asking the same question: when are we getting a Resident Evil 3 remake?! Resi 2 remake’s producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi told Japanese website Game Watch [translated by Gear Nuke] that Capcom agreed to do the remake because it’s what the fans kept asking … Read more