New Street Fighter 6 Logo Is An $80 Stock Asset

The new Street Fighter logo has come under a lot of fire since the reveal of Street Fighter 6, mainly because of the viewed downgrade between older logos and the new. Now, there’s a whole fresh can of worms that’s been opened.

According to Twitter user Aurich, the new logo was bought from an Adobe stock site and then slightly modified.

“They searched for ‘SF’ on a stock logo site and rounded a couple corners and added the 6.”


It has also been uncovered that this stock logo is used in countless other places around the web. One user discovered a sci-fi convention in France that uses a familiar asset.

Now, it’s worth noting that using assets isn’t exactly unusual for video games. It is however weird that a logo for such a massive game would turn out to be an asset flip. What makes it even more interesting is that the creator of the stock image told IGN earlier that they were looking to sell exclusive rights to the stock image to Capcom, preventing other parties from using it in products.

Capcom announced Street Fighter 6 earlier this week. It also announced a huge fighting collection featuring many of the Darkstalker and Vampire Saviour games.


Do you think it matters much that the logo was purchased on an asset storefront? Or do you think it’s too much fuss about something altogether tiny? Let us know across our social channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom