New Street Fighter 6 Logo Is An $80 Stock Asset

The new Street Fighter logo has come under a lot of fire since the reveal of Street Fighter 6, mainly because of the viewed downgrade between older logos and the new. Now, there’s a whole fresh can of worms that’s been opened. According to Twitter user Aurich, the new logo was bought from an Adobe … Read more

The Internet Had It Wrong, This Is The Hottest Chun Li Cosplay

This time around, we’ve got something a little different for you involving Street Fighter’s Chun Li and total hottie, Julia Vins. She’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of cosplay – and why wouldn’t you be? Plus, Vins has added zing. Just see for yourself. She’s a fan of Street Fighter apparently, and to be honest, we’re a … Read more

Capcom Reveals Upcoming ‘Street Fighter 4’

Capcom was at the recent Evo video game tournament, where they announced their new Street Fighter 4 game to be released early 2014. The date is not official yet, but they did mention that there will be 5 new characters and current characters will be adjusted accordingly. Check out the list below: Street Fighter 4 … Read more

Blazblue Vs Street Fighter

When you hear “Street Fighter” do you instantly think “Hadouken”? If so, it might be because you’ve either suffered one to many of Ryu’s Hadoukens to the face while playing Street Fighter, or you could be the one dishing them. None the less, Street Fighter has remained one of the most successful fighters from the … Read more