Blazblue Vs Street Fighter

When you hear “Street Fighter” do you instantly think “Hadouken”? If so, it might be because you’ve either suffered one to many of Ryu’s Hadoukens to the face while playing Street Fighter, or you could be the one dishing them. None the less, Street Fighter has remained one of the most successful fighters from the time it was released, even after the whole “Street Fighters 2” incident, but lets not go into that.

I want to compare these brilliant fighters with the one and only, BlazBlue. I know the BlazBlue series isn’t as old as the Street Fighter series, but I feel that it’s just as equally known. And with the amazing fighting engine it holds, I think it has the ability to compete with Street Fighter.




Street Fighter has the standard layout when it comes to fighting games: light, medium and heavy. When it comes to attacking and holding back in order to block, every character has their own special hit boxes, hp, speed, etc. This makes for all match ups being insanely interesting, and the ability to play with the character of your choice. Button mashing won’t get you through these games.


  • If you want a pretty balanced out fighter that puts you on the edge of your seat, these are the games for you.
  • There are plenty of moves to perfect and assimilate into your play style. You can literally spend hours on end in training mode alone.
  • Diversity — All characters are different in their own way, and they all have a variety of colors and taunts.
  • Balanced Characters — Even though all characters are different, it doesn’t mean a character overpowers another. Take Akuma for instance, he has the lowest hp in the game, but he makes up for it in other ways with his strength.


  • Spammers — Some characters have very good spam ability like Ryu. Hadouken is a pretty cool move, but him constantly saying “Hadouken, Hadouken,Hadouken, Hadouken, Shinku Hadouken” starts to get old really fast.
  • Can be kind of slow at times.



The BlazBlue series is another fighter that recently came out a few years ago and has only been bettering itself. BlazBlue and Street Fighter have similar play button lay outs, such as blocking by holding back. I don’t see their hits as “weak,medium and heavy” attacks because within every button, is its own heavy move, which is usually usable when inputting quarter circles or the “Z” looking input.


  • Very fast pace gameplay — My goodness, it gets crazy sometimes when you’re being rushed down by a character like Bang Shishigami or Ragna the Bloodedge while using a character like A-11 who fights best at a distance. It calls for quick thinking, while keeping calm all at the same time to fight well enough to cover your weaknesses.
  • Flashy combos — Who doesn’t like long, flashy combos? Even if they have a possibility of doing little damage, it’s still an amazing feeling to be able to say “wow…I just did that.”
  • Character diversity — There are absolutely no similarities in characters, other than Carl and Relius. The only similarity is their type of battling style. Other than that, they have no none.


  • Iron Tager is possibly the one character who is over powered. Not only is he fast, but he is also retardedly powerful (nulls projectiles, breaks through moves with his hyper armor, and nulls attacks with moves that grant him temporary invisability). Sure, he may be fun to fight against, but mostly he feels OP despite his huge hit box.
  • Beginner mode — It allows noobs to come online and button press their way to victory.


Both games are amazing, and I would suggest them to any gamer who enjoys fighting games. They are well worth the buy, and if you’re a battle hungry player like myself, then you would have endless fun proving your skill online in either game.