10 worst videogames that got unfairly good reviews

We’ve all been disappointed at some time in our lives. I was disappointed when I found out my parents were Santa Claus, the first time I had sex, and after I played 2 hours of No Man’s Sky. All of these things have one common factor, everyone hyped them up for me, then they ended … Read more

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Mad Max has made a comeback into pop-culture and how. First the sleeper hit in the form of Fury Road and now a full-fledged game which goes above and beyond of being just another licensed game. When you bring in Avalanche Studio to do the development duties, it gets even more intense. Does it live … Read more

Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Review

When Batman: Arkham Asylum released, no one knew it would forever raise the bar high for super hero games. There was nothing even close to what Rocksteady managed to create with the dark and gritty Arkham game and it totally did justice to the most famous Superhero of all-time. It now had the best superhero-game … Read more

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PS4 Review

Once again CD Projekt RED has managed to deliver the third consecutive hit in the form of The Witcher 3. This review will shed more light it manages to bring some fresh elements or just offers more of the same that the previous versions established themselves upon. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is one of … Read more

Grim Fandango Remastered Review

Adventure games age a bit better than other gaming genres. The reason is because the gameplay in adventure games is so story focused which Grim Fandango is! I dont think its a big surprise to anyone that Grim Fandango Remastered remains a amazing experience in 2015. However many people already have complained there is still … Read more

Race The Sun Review

Race The Sun is a gorgeous runner that defies the linear mechanics that all other runner gamer cant seem to shake off. Yes, the game has its generic moments where you’re dodging large structures protruding from the land but thankfully it is no way near temple run or Jetpack Joyride and gives the generic infinite runner … Read more