The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PS4 Review

Once again CD Projekt RED has managed to deliver the third consecutive hit in the form of The Witcher 3. This review will shed more light it manages to bring some fresh elements or just offers more of the same that the previous versions established themselves upon.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is one of the best RPG games that came out this year for the PS4. In Witcher 3 world You play as Geralt of Rivia, along side his former lover Yennefer of Vengerberg. If you’ve never played any of the Witcher games or you’re just not as familiar with the story I recommend you to play the first 2 games to really get an idea of what it’s about.  You will find a few similarities to the first 2, and outside of the larger cities,but the game surely delivery a gruesome story, and RPG elements are all on the better side of being great


To begin, you are Geralt, the playable character you play with: a man of power with white-haired archetype, and fully equipped with traditional scarring. He is basically there to search and protect, battling bandits, Nifgaardians, and monsters through war-torn lands. At first the game starts off very slow, but once it gets going, it can be a great adventure.Throughout your adventure, you will find the missing goat, rescuing your sister taken by the pirates, completing the trial of the warrior, saving the merchant and so on, each and everyone of the side quest is interesting and memorable.During that experience you will gain more experience points by clearing the main quests and side quests. As you level up, you get ability points that can be used to level up specific character abilities. You can spend points into four types of abilities: combat, sign, alchemy and general.


What’s really got me is the Witcher 3 doesn’t try to do is establish a “Let’s Save the World” story line.More like you will fill Geralt shoes to engage in a world to tell the story via game play. The story is not that quite outstanding, but it’s not bad. I really enjoyed the game. Keep in mind this not a save the world game; it is selfish in nature which makes your characters decisions more impactful. The story is what created the world, and the world is outstanding. You will get lost in the quests trying to help civilians, destroy monster nests, and create safe areas for people to reestablish old, destroyed towns and hamlets. The world feels alive with swaying trees and grasses, incredibly realistic lighting, and an abundance of wildlife. Even though the whole game is played out as a free roaming open world adventure, so bloody huge. It will take around ten hours just to exploring the smallest of the four lands, White Orchard which is essentially a prologue. This is down to not only the sheer size of the land but also the amount of main quest objectives, side quests and various places of interest to discover. The combat is great, it’s visceral, fast and thoughtful. But feels like a mix between AC Unity and Bloodborn.


The visualized art style of this beautiful RPG game is perfect, so is the the mix songs they use. Hearing the masterfully melodic sound will make you feel alone in the world to then quickly switch you into a powerful man and the tense one when you encounter an enemy is just perfect. CD Projekt Red really has done a wonderful job.

the witcher 3 mountain
Overall, The Witcher 3 is a true masterpiece. The storytelling, character development, world building, gameplay, presentation and everything is spot on. It’s an excellent title on current generation consoles.You might face some issues on how characters level but don’t worry this won’t affect their overall game play experience. The action is unique and fun. There are so many side missions I didn’t do that I could easily spend 100 more hours on this game. Hopefully I can keep it up. The game is really fun, I recommend it.