Grim Fandango Remastered Review

Adventure games age a bit better than other gaming genres. The reason is because the gameplay in adventure games is so story focused which Grim Fandango is! I dont think its a big surprise to anyone that Grim Fandango Remastered remains a amazing experience in 2015. However many people already have complained there is still no tutorial mode and they find that dissapointing. I have to agree, it was a bit strange to have no tutorial in the game still after so many years. This however was common in the 90’s but it would be nice if they had added a tutorial mode now that we are in 2015.

You are going to ask yourself questions like «What is this?» or «How do I do that?». Simple questions that could have been answered in a matter of seconds if they would have bothered to include a tutorial mode. You do have the ability to check the button layout in the options screen. Grim Fandango feels really natural on the DualShock 4 and there’s a new feel to it. If you have played any other point and click games for example Telltale Games The Walking Dead you will have a basic idea of how the game will be and you are probably going to enjoy this game!


The game is split up in 4 chapters each chapter being on November 2nd on 4 consecutive years. The story follows Manuel «Manny» Calavera. Manuel Manny Calavera is a travel agent at The Department of Death in the city of El Marrow. He is forced into his job to work of a debt. Manny is mad with being assigned clients that must take the four years or he will be fired by his boss, Don Copal. This is where the story gets interesting so I will not spoil the rest.

Over the beautiful dramatic 12 hour story adventure, you will meet alot of memorable characters, collect items and find a way to use them in creative and often crazy ways. You are probably going to need write some of the stuff down to keep track of what you are currently doing in the game(for instance your goals).

I would say this game lasts about 12 hours however it really depends on the skill of the player. It depends on how fast you can solve the puzzles. Their were some puzzles that took me a long time to figure out while others were much easier. Some of the challenges are hard but once you do them its incredibily rewarding.


The graphics are a bit improved but its original 3d graphics are still held up surprisingly well. Its low-polygon characters havent’t aged as poorly as you might think. You can switch back and forth between the original and remastered graphics on the fly. A streched 16:9 option is available but it looks bad. Its better to play in 4:3 than the 16:9 option.