Capcom Reveals Upcoming ‘Street Fighter 4’

Capcom was at the recent Evo video game tournament, where they announced their new Street Fighter 4 game to be released early 2014. The date is not official yet, but they did mention that there will be 5 new characters and current characters will be adjusted accordingly.

Check out the list below: Street Fighter 4 information.

–          The game title is not official yet

–          Game will be available early 2014

–          Available on Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360,PC

–          Upgrade from any version of Street Fighter 4 for $14.99

–          Retail cost is $39.99

–          5 new additional characters

  1. Poison
  2. Hugo
  3. Rolento
  4. Elena
  5. Mystery Character ‘never before seen in Street Fighter’

–          6 brand new stages

–          Past DLC costumes will be included ($40 value)

–          Costumes from Udon will be the pre-order bonus

–          NESiCa support for Japanese arcade version, launch date not official

–          Official Name of the game title will be available after this Sundays grand finals


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