Capcom: New Monster Hunter Title on the cards

Yuri Arajuo,  Capcom’s new associate online and community specialist, has hinted that a new Monster Hunter title is on the cards. Arajuo commented that,“I actually joined as a user specifically to inquire (read: complain) about the situation regarding Monster Hunter 2 (dos) Western release back in 2005/06 – so I know exactly how it feels to … Read more

Resident Evil Collector’s Edition Announced

Capcom has announced the collector’s editon of Resident Evil 6. The CE will include the game in a zombie steel book, a RE artbook and many other goodies. Full list of contents are: Resident Evil 6 game Zombie Steel Book Exclusive Resident Evil 6 hardback artbook showing concept art from the game Resident Evil 6 … Read more

Capcom After Street Fighter X Tekken Hackers

      Capcom is hunting down hackers who have managed to unlock DLC characters for Street Fighter X Tekken stored on the game’s retail disc. Twelve additional fighters intended for a DLC release at 1600 Microsoft Points were illicitly seen in the game’s code. Players have reported seeing the locked characters appearing online since the hack. Senior … Read more

New Dragon’s Dogma Trailer is full of action

Capcom’s released a brand new Dragon’s Dogma trailer and it shows you fighting against a dragon. The fight is rather interesting and it seems the dragons in the game are nasty you-know-what-we-mean and won’t be killed easily. Check out the video below. The game’s out on May 25.

Street Fighter x Tekken Opening Cinamatic

Capcom’s released the opening cinematic for Street Fighter x Tekken and it’s a colorful action-filled affair. You can check the video out below. The title releases for PS3 and PS Vita later this week.

Young Dante Fact Sheet Released

Check out a very interesting fact sheet providing  alot of details about young Dante background story. You can check it out below.