Capcom Is Crowned The ‘Best Games Publisher’ Of 2018

Metacritic has crowned Capcom as the best games publisher of 2018 in recently-released stats.

The company has been rated as the best large publisher in Metacritic’s annual rankings, a massive jump from last years’ results, where the company landed fifth place.

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The results come not from consumers but from critics only, with the numbers gathered from games’ average Metascore, total number of games with a score of over 90 and the percentages of positive to negative reviews.

Games publishers are split into different groups: large companies (a company that has published 12 or more titles) and mid-sized companies (ones that have released between 5 and 11).

Credit: Capcom

Interestingly, Capcom didn’t actually bring out any new-new games last year, instead focusing on Legacy Collections for classic titles like Mega Man and Street Fighter.

Its most impressive title of last year was, of course, Monster Hunter: World, which currently has a Metacritic score of 90.

Despite not bringing us any new IPs in 2018, Capcom topped the ranks for large publisher with a total of 30 titles and an average Metascore of 79.3.

Second on the list is Sega, followed by EA, Nintendo, Ubisoft and Sony. Check out the results in full below.

Image Credit: Metacritic.

Capcom’s success doesn’t end in 2018 – people all over the world can’t get enough of its recently-released Resident Evil 2 remake. The nostalgia is jam-packed into the RE Engine, and it’s genuinely a masterclass in horror.

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