Rumour Says Resident Evil 8 Is Already In Development

The Resident Evil 2 remake may have only just released, but RE fans are already crossing their fingers for the next game in the series – Resident Evil 8.

According to one Twitter user who claims to be a Capcom insider, the game is already in the works, and from what’s being said so far it definitely sounds VERY interesting.

Credit: Capcom

Evil VR shared the following tweets [via TwistedVoxel] and it definitely looks convincing…

Credit: Capcom

Speaking specifically about the eighth game in the series’ main story, the account said it’ll take place on an abandoned island and will explore the truth behind Eveline and other bio-weapons.

After sharing these two tweets, the account announced it would be going dark for a while, with the aim to return before E3 later this year.

We don’t have any idea whether these rumours are true or not, but this account has been bang-on with RE leaks in the past…

Credit: Capcom

What do you think – real or fake?

Featured Image Credit: Capcom.