Star Wars: Battlefront Graphics Mod Makes It Look Like Actual Movie

The Beloved Battlefront franchise has just recently been given a third installation, this time DICE had a shot at claiming the hearts of many Star Wars fans, whether it did or didn’t is up to you to decide. For $60 (roughly £40 for my fellow brits, this dollar business is confusing) you can make that … Read more

This Is The Best Star Wars: Battlefront Easter Egg You’ll Find

Hold up whatever you’re doing and pay attention. This is the ultimate Star Wars: Battlefront easter egg you’ll find. In what is a reference to one of the most famous blooper moments from the film, the devs have recreated the moment in a rather hilarious way. In case your Jedi powers are a bit weak … Read more

Star Wars Battlefront 3 gameplay has surfaced

30 minutes of Star Wars Battlefront 3 gameplay has just surfaced and shows how amazing the game would have been had it not been canceled. The gameplay comes in two different parts both 15 minutes long. A while ago a developer for Radical the creators of Battlefront admitted that the game was pretty much complete  before … Read more