Report – EA trying to pay-off Famous People To Say They Like Battlefront

EA has released their newest game Star Wars Battlefront on the PS4, Xbox One and the PC which was available on the 17th November 2015.

A lot of people are already complaining that the game hasn’t got enough content to be enjoyable and that it is not worth the 60$ price tag.

The game also has more negative reviews than positive ones as can be seen on Metacritic with many of them saying that the game is unfinished and that the content that will be on the season pass should already be in the main game.


These are some of the reviews which touched this fact about the game, giving it unfavorable reviews as a result –

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As the bad publicity keeps flowing in EA’s direction, they have seemingly paid celebrities to advertise the game on social media.

Benjamin Burley from Breaking Benjamin has posted this on Instagram along with a picture of a broken game disc.


It is not confirmed that EA wanted to pay him but many publishers are known to use paid or sponsored shout outs from popular Social media personalities near or post-launch of their AAA games.


EA is not the only company that pays celebrities to do advertising but when the game gets low reviews on most review websites, they cannot keep on lying to their fans.

Should gamers boycott game companies that release unfinished games and pay celebrities to promote their bad games? Even if they don’t, the companies should definitely be called out for doing so.


If EA would like to clarify their stand on this matter, they can drop us an email via the contact us form.