These 5K Resolution Fallout 4 Screenshots Are Amazing

Fallout 4 sold more than a million copies within 24 hours of its launch and is fast-becoming one of the most successful videogame releases of this year.

The game, although not the best graphical creation, looks pretty decent at 1080P, however notch the resolution up a bit and it looks even better, we’re talking about 2560×1440 and 4K resolutions, for now.

This post deals with how the game looks at 5K. Yeah, there’s a resolution higher than 4K and it’s a huge 5120×2880.


This screen resolution is only supported by a handful of screens on the market and PC Gamer happened to own one of them and tested out how the game looked while playing on this resolution.

The website also used a filter in Reshade to make all the 5K screenshots it took to resemble old photographs. The results are something that every Fallout fan would enjoy viewing.

Do note we’ve resized the images to a lower resolution to make the pages load fast, however the entire 5K resolution gallery is available at the end of this article for those who want to witness the true glory of these screenshots –

A truly poetic shot showing the bond between Dog and its Master


The lightning effects are just incredible


Fallout 4’s use of more colors makes the game look twice as good


It’s amazing to think how much games have evolved and progressed visually over the years and tech like 5K are making them come to life unlike anything could have a few years ago. Here’s another batch of 5K awesomeness below –

This is just classic


Bringing the post-apocalyptic world to life…one shot at a time


Another amazing shot taken in a aesthetic way


This is just pure photography skill making the game look better than it should


We explore the final batch of our favorite screenshots from this 5K series of vintage looking Fallout 4 photographs below. You can also find the actual resolution gallery at the end of this article.

My favorite screen of the lot


Just imagine when 5K would be easily available on the market and most PC would be able to support it?


The effects really come to life in this one1

Looks more like a work of art than a videogame in this one.


You can also become a photographer in Fallout 4 (if you happen to own it on the PC), open the console and just enter the following commands –

tm – Hide HUD
tfc – Freecam
tfc 1 – Freeze + Freecam
tcl – Noclip mode

Like promised, here’s the entire gallery of screenshots in its original resolution.