Summit1g Showcases Insane $100,000 Diamond-Encrusted Mouse

We’ve all got that one gaming possession that we’re really proud of. Maybe it’s a fancy Scuf controller with hair-triggers and paddles on the back, or a wicked fast 120hz TV to go with that next-gen console. All of the above are fancy – and worthy to be proud of – but none quite compare to the $100,000 diamond mouse that Jaryd  ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has just procured.

In a partnership with Finalmouse, the ex-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player showed off his flashy new input device on a recent stream. In a tweet apologising for being late to his stream, he included an image of the diamond-encrusted accessory.

The mouse is decorated with fetching red and gold and detailing modelled after the God of War franchise – ironic, given God of War isn’t available to play on PC. The mouse is almost hollow aside from the necessary electronics. Inserted into the honeycomb exterior are several diamonds that appear to be genuine. Summit evaluated the worth of the art piece on his stream as over $100,000.

With an asking price as high as that, it’s unlikely that Summit will be using it to pop heads anytime soon. It’s more likely that he’ll be keeping it as a display unit to show off in the background of his streams. He says he’s so conscious abouts its worth that he locks it in a safe every night.

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Why has Finalmouse sent Summit the mouse?

The collaboration with Finalmouse is to tease their latest collection of mice, dubbed ‘The Legendary Drop’. A countdown on their website points towards May 1st as the release date for a collection of four new mice decorated in a similar fashion to Summit’s, albeit minus the diamonds.

Image Credit: Finalmouse

The new mice will be wireless and weigh only 37 grams, composed of a magnesium alloy material. They’ll have a battery life of two months. For comparison, Logitech’s G Pro X Superlight Wireless mouse, a leading competitor, weighs just under 63 grams and has a battery life of 70 hours.

Though it’s totally up to personal preference, a lot of professional players tend to prefer lighter mice for shooters. The lighter weight allows them to maintain control while quickly flicking the mouse across the mousepad.

If you want to improve your own aim in shooters, we recently published a handy guide that can help you do just that. We also recently interviewed Team NAVI’s Doki who gave us some excellent tips on how to improve at Rainbow Six Siege.

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[Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Summit1g]