Standalone Call Of Duty: Zombies Game Could Be On The Way

Fans of Call of Duty: Zombies rejoice as a standalone Zombies game could be on the way.

Renowned leaker, Tom Henderson, once again revealed on Twitter that he doesn’t think Zombies will remain a game mode afterthought for much longer [via GGRecon].

Henderson’s tweet reads: “There’s BIG things planned for zombies. It won’t be just a ‘3rd gamemode’ for long.”

This isn’t the first time that Henderson has referenced a standalone Zombies game. In February, he tweeted: “There is a separate Call of Duty zombies project in early development, that is currently not connected to any title.”

Henderson has a history of making predictions about upcoming games. A few weeks ago, he claimed that a new Warzone map will release alongside Season 3. He also believes that we’ll see Titanfall 3 unveiled next year.

Breathing life into a (un)dead storyline

With Zombies featuring in every entry to the Black Ops franchise, the storyline is now rather confusing. 

Lead Writer at Treyarch, Craig Houston, recently discussed the Zombies storyline with IGN. He said: “I think the thing that’s really important is that the previous incarnations which we call the Aether story, which involve Richtofen and all those characters, that came to a definite end at the end of Black Ops 4 season, and we were passionate about not rewriting his story,” [via IGN].

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Divorcing the Zombies game mode from mainline CoD releases could allow developers to devote more time and resources to the world of Zombies. It would certainly be nice to see a standalone Zombies game get the same treatment as Warzone with regular live updates and a unified, ongoing storyline.

Earlier today, we reported on the rumours that this year’s CoD release might be set during WWII. The Zombies game mode was first introduced in CoD: World at War, which was also set during WWII.

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Credit: Treyarch

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