Here’s Evidence That No Man’s Sky Has Been Delayed


You won’t like this news. No Man’s Sky has been delayed, again.

According to Kotaku, a couple of sources have claimed that the largely anticipated open world game has been pushed back again. Although the new release date is not confirmed yet, the game is not expected to release before July or August. Previously the game was scheduled to release on June 21.


No Man’s Sky was first announced via a teaser back in December 2013, and since then it has been able to garner a lot of attention. The game is developed and published by an independent studio based in UK called Hello Games.

Kotaku also mentioned that it received the news via two sources, the second source being a Gamestop employee who notified them that the store has been asked to cover up the release date of the game with ‘coming soon’ stickers, which you can see above.


Neither Hello Games nor Sony has issued an official statement regarding this development but they should really make one soon by informing the community what has led to this apparent delay.