The Last Of Us 2 Is ‘Being Released This Year’

It sounds like the highly (highly-highly) anticipated sequel to Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us might be coming sooner than expected, at least according to one industry insider [via Express]. In since-deleted tweets, former IGN employee Alanah Pearce apparently confirmed the game is set to release sometime this year. This is the internet though, and … Read more

Here’s Evidence That No Man’s Sky Has Been Delayed

Image: You won’t like this news. No Man’s Sky has been delayed, again. According to Kotaku, a couple of sources have claimed that the largely anticipated open world game has been pushed back again. Although the new release date is not confirmed yet, the game is not expected to release before July or August. Previously the … Read more

6 most disastrous videogame launches ever

When you’re a publisher with a hot new game coming out, and half of the gaming world is waiting eagerly to play it, and the other half is waiting eagerly to talk smack about it if it sucks, things can get pretty stressful. Sometimes the game is great, but things just don’t fall into place … Read more

Dying Light Release Date Moved Up

Techland, developers of the Dead Island video game, has announced that there next big zombie IP, Dying Light, will be releasing earlier than expected. Originally, the game was set to release this fall but was delayed for sometime in February of 2015. Now we’re getting word that the game has been pushed ahead and will … Read more

The Evil Within European release date changed

Today Bethesda revealed that their upcoming horror title The Evil Within has had its release date pushed forward for European residents. It was originally going to be released on October the 18th whilst in America it is being released on the 14th. However Bethesda have decided to bring the release forward to the 14th for … Read more

Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Version Coming November 14th?

Earlier this week Cara Delevingne host of Non Stop  FM radio, teased a variety updated radio station for the game. The PS4 Grand Theft Auto V have been available for pre-order for months now. No release date has been announce yet but  according  to a online retailers, they have listed a placeholder dates of “November 2014″ for GTA V and it’s quite … Read more