Slim PlayStation Vita Now Available in North America

The PlayStation Vita Slim model is now officially available for North America. Sony has also announced big things for the portable handheld making it a must buy this year.

Sony’s PS Vita Slim model is available now in North America with a $200 bundle pack coming with an additional¬†Borderlands 2¬†video game and a 8GB memory card. When it comes to the hardware, the Slim model is reported to be 15% lighter and 20% slimmer. The OLED display has been replaced with an LCD screen, 1GB of built-in memory has been added and lastly the battery life has been increase giving the system 4-6 hours of gameplay.

Sony has also announced that the PS Vita will have at least 100 more video games released this year with already 1,000 video games available now for the system. PlayStation Now, Sony’s cloud streaming service for video games, will also be available for the PS Vita. Additionally, the PS Vita does include Remote Play allowing gameplay to be streamed from the PS4 console straight to the PS Vita.