Slim PlayStation Vita Now Available in North America

The PlayStation Vita Slim model is now officially available for North America. Sony has also announced big things for the portable handheld making it a must buy this year. Sony’s PS Vita Slim model is available now in North America with a $200 bundle pack coming with an additional Borderlands 2 video game and a 8GB memory … Read more

Atlus Confirms Persona 4 Coming To PS3

Fans of the Persona series will be happy to know that Persona 4 will be getting a port to the PlayStation 3. Something we would have liked a long time ago, it’s nice to see that will be getting the ability to play P4 soon and we mean soon. Atlus came out today and revealed … Read more

Natural Doctrine Heading For Western Release

Natural Doctrine has been revealed that the game will be released for North America and Europe. Developed and published by Kadokawa Games, the game is set to release in Japan this April 3rd. However, North America and Europe will see the game get a release sometime this Fall from publisher NIS. Currently, Natural Doctrine is … Read more

PS4 is a “great launch”, sold out at Best Buy

Best Buy sold out most of its PlayStation 4 catalogue in North America., a latest report reveals. CEO of Best Buy Hubert Joly confirmed to Reuters  that  the company had “pretty much run out” of PS4 units already. The new shipments  will arrive soon. “We will get new inventory next week. It’s a great launch, … Read more

Greatness Arrives – PS4 Officially Launches in North America

The game starts now. The PlayStation 4 has released in North America, marking the start of the next-generation of consoles in style. The console will soon release in other parts of the world but it’s quiet a change for the hardware giant as this is the first time a new Sony console is getting a … Read more