Greatness Arrives – PS4 Officially Launches in North America

The game starts now. The PlayStation 4 has released in North America, marking the start of the next-generation of consoles in style. The console will soon release in other parts of the world but it’s quiet a change for the hardware giant as this is the first time a new Sony console is getting a Western release before Japan gets it hands on it.

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The North-American release of the PS4 is the first, and Europe will follow suit on November 24. The eastern part of the world will get its hands on the console early next year, with Hong Kong getting it near the end of 2013 itself.

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Gamers all across the United States queued up much before the stores opened in order to get their hands on a PS4 at launch day. Although, stocks are drying out fast, Sony’s console has got a dream start and the image below gives you a small example of the enthusiasm of the crowd to get its hands on the device.


Sony also recently held a launch event for the console in New York and a lot of new information and updates were shared during the event. The most notable ones have been covered by PS Gang below which includes the announcement of a new Uncharted game –

The PS4 fever increased as the clock neared midnight and queues could be seen in several regions and cities. The Best Buys and Walmarts saw their fare share of queues and even those who had placed a pre-order couldn’t hold their excitement and came to stand in a line just for the heck of it. The image below gives you a rough example of the PS4 fever catching on.


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Even pleasantries were sent from Sony’s rival camp Microsoft on the occasion of the PS4’s launch, with Phil Spencer sending in a positive message to the higher ups at Sony.

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