Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Coming to Vita

An enhanced version of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, which released in 2011 on PlayStation 3, will be coming to Vita this summer. The new title of the game is Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited. The game will contain all the DLC that released for the PS3 version as well as additional content, such as new characters, spells … Read more

Slim PlayStation Vita Now Available in North America

The PlayStation Vita Slim model is now officially available for North America. Sony has also announced big things for the portable handheld making it a must buy this year. Sony’s PS Vita Slim model is available now in North America with a $200 bundle pack coming with an additional Borderlands 2 video game and a 8GB memory … Read more

Adam Boyes Wanted A Developer Friendly PS4

Adam Boyes, Sony developer relations executive, wanted the PlayStation 4 to be the most developer friendly platform. In a recent interview with CVG, Boyes said, “I would like [PlayStation] to be the easiest, most accessible place for anyone that’s making great games to come out, and have their games come to the broadest amount of people.” … Read more

Apotheon, Nidhogg and More Indie Games Coming to PS4

Sony announced a dozen indie games coming to PS4 and other PlayStation platforms during an indie game event at their San Mateo offices. The theme of the event was the migration of famous indie games from Steam to PlayStation platforms, mainly PS4. The current list is as follows: Apotheon (PS4) Axiom Verge (PS4/PS Vita) Chasm (PS4) Don’t Starve: … Read more

PS Vita 3.12 System Update Now Available

The system update 3.12 for the PS Vita handheld was announced yesterday and has confirmed to be available now. This was strange for many users because the 3.10 update came out just last week. Many have reported that their PS Vita systems had a problem with the 3.10 update when they are using a 32 … Read more

Win PlayStation 4 By Cracking A Chest

Square Enix is holding a very unique event at GAME shops within the UK. With the new video game Thief released in stores today, gamers can get a chance to take their lock picking skills to the test. By entering into your local GAME shop, you may be given the chance to open a locked chest within … Read more

PS4 “release plans” for Gamescom 2013

The official Sony uk.playstation site has been teasing fans, making them yearn for more information on the next-gen console so they can tune into the Gamescom event in a couple days. Sony’s page has mentioned that their fans can expect to see more news on the “release plans” of the PS4. They will also continue … Read more