Six videogames that tried to fool gamers but failed miserably

Dead Island

Image: Dead Island

Now this was a big disappointment, wasn’t it? The trailer that was released to the public was a lot different than what the actual gameplay was when it finally hit the shelves. The game got repetitive quickly, as all you did was kill zombies or run away from them until they chase you down and kill you. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, not really, as this game was a big fail.

The graphics were pretty poor, and what’s a zombie game if you can’t see the blood and guts flowing out of their stomach? There were various bugs and issues that came with game that just made your experience even worse.

However, because of this big fail, the same developers made another zombie game called Dying Light that is much better than the joke that Dead Island turned out to be.

Fable 3

Image: Lionhead Studios
Image: Lionhead Studios

When the people that were going to do the voices for the game were announced, people got excited. Those who were doing the voices, such as Ben Kingsley and Simon Pegg, really made gamers excited to immerse themselves into the game. I would think that the actual game would be interesting and would be something extraordinary in comparison to some of the celebrities involved.

In the end, it was just ordinary to say the least. The ‘road to rule’ mechanic that the developers implemented to make the leveling of your character more interesting didn’t work too well, and because it was one of the main features they focused on, it really made the rest of the game much worse. The reviews from players were that the game had nothing special in it and it was your usual dull and boring experience that leaves no memories behind.