Rainbow Six Siege April Fools Event Returns To Paint The Town Pink

The ‘Rainbow is Magic’ April Fools event has returned to Rainbow Six Siege, bringing with it some audacious skins and a limited-time map.

The event fully reskins the fan-favourite map ‘Plane’ to look like it’s set in a child’s bedroom. Much of the environment now looks like it’s made of the plastic used in making toys with bright neon colours strewn across the walls.

Credit: Ubisoft Montreal

Even the player models are altering with each operator now looking like a toy soldier. Instead of rescuing or defending a civilian, the objective is now a person dressed in a teddy bear suit.

The event was shown after the official PlayStation channel published a trailer for the event a day early.

YouTube video

It’s a welcome return for the event which debuted on April Fools day in 2019.

Skins equal wins

Collectors of skins will be pleased as limited-time Rainbow is Magic collection packs are also available in the event. One is available to redeem for free if you load up the game at any time during the event. 

Continuing the rainbow theme, the new cosmetics take a less serious tone compared to the usual offerings in Rainbow Six Siege. The rewards range from character cosmetics right down to quirky weapon charms. I received a cute little butterfly to hang from my murder machines.

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Credit: Ubisoft Montreal

Other examples include a headgear for Tachanka that adds a unicorn horn and rainbow mohawk to his helmet. Another kits Blackbeard out in a princess outfit, while most of the weapon skins opt for a neon pink approach in some way or another.

You’ll have to be quick if you want to play it – the event is only running between March 30th and April 5th. 

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Credit: Ubisoft Montreal

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[Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft Montreal]