5 Best Multiplayer Games To Play With Your Friends In 2022

We all know it – gaming is far more fun with friends. Sure, we all enjoy getting lost in a good single player experience. But when it comes to getting social, nothing’s better than gathering with some distant pals and playing some of the best multiplayer games around. If there’s one thing that the last … Read more

Rainbow Six Extraction Update Feels Like The Second Half Of The Game

Ubisoft has just announced a new update for Rainbow Six Extraction, Spillover, and it seems exactly like what the game was missing. Rainbow Six Extraction launched earlier this year as a PVE spinoff to Rainbow Six Siege. Fighting against the alien Archaeon species, players must complete a series of objectives while infiltrating staged levels. As … Read more

Rainbow Six Extraction keyart

Rainbow Six Extraction Is Rainbow Six With Aliens And Is Out This Year

This article originally appeared on GameByte. Rainbow Six Extraction, the Tom Clancy horde mode spin-off, finally has a release date. Ubisoft has unveiled exactly when fans can get their hands on the latest Rainbow Six experience, and it’s not too far away. It’s set for launch on 16th September 2021. The Ubisoft Forward show showcased … Read more