Rainbow Six Extraction Update Feels Like The Second Half Of The Game

Ubisoft has just announced a new update for Rainbow Six Extraction, Spillover, and it seems exactly like what the game was missing.

Rainbow Six Extraction launched earlier this year as a PVE spinoff to Rainbow Six Siege. Fighting against the alien Archaeon species, players must complete a series of objectives while infiltrating staged levels. As such, much of the gameplay in the base game is attacking-focused. It left many players wondering why the classic defensive mechanics of Siege were still in the game.

Credit: Ubisoft

They’re Sprawl over the place!

The answer comes with Spillover, a new mode arriving as a free update to Rainbow Six Extraction. This flips the table on the current Extraction formula and finally gives defensive operators a reason to shine.

It’s a wave-based game mode that sees operators looking to clear out nine ‘Sprawl Colonies’. At the start of a round, teams will get to choose their starting location. From then, they’ll have 35 minutes to clear out as many of the nine Sprawl Colonies as they can. They’re scattered throughout each of the levels already playable in Extraction.

Activating a colony will start three enemy waves that last for 90 seconds. It’s intended to be an absolute onslaught, so players will need to prepare accordingly. That’s where the defensive mechanics come in – players can put up wall barriers, deploy auto turrets and other gadgets to help in the looming fight. Survive for the full 90 seconds, and you’ll have cleared the Sprawl Colony.

Activating more Sprawl Colonies will slowly increase the difficulty each time. Activating more sites will see special enemy types appear, including Cloaked, Spored, and Elite variants. To get the best rewards, you’ll need to clear all nine sites within 35 minutes. However, you can choose to bank your rewards and extract any time you like. New refill stations placed around the maps mean you shouldn’t run out of ammunition in a hurry.

Credit: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction: Spillover – Other Additions

Also arriving in this update is the operator Zofia, lifted straight from Rainbow Six Siege. Alongside her, there are also new cosmetic items for Extraction’s weapons and other operators.

The first update for Rainbow Six Extraction seems extremely promising for a game that already showed promise. If Ubisoft can keep up with these new ideas, the game is shaping up to be an excellent addendum to the Siege experience.

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