Here’s How Rainbow Six Extraction Is Switching Up Its Multiplayer

With upgrades, weapons, and customisation Ubisoft has showcased how Rainbow Six Extraction is adapting its versus multiplayer structure to fit co-operative gameplay.

Despite the game still being months away after a recent delay, Ubisoft is still trying to build momentum on this spin-off. Expanding from a limited-time mode from a couple of years back into its own fully-fledged game, Extraction will take the operators of Siege and pit them against AI aliens.

Moving away from player vs. player is a bold move for a series that has seen the continued success for Siege six years on from its release – which just saw its 61st operator introduced. Yet the latest trailer hopes to convince players that this will be the same tactical experience.

YouTube video

Swapping Operators For Aliens

Rainbow Six Extraction will see teams of 3 sneak, fight and rush their way through alien-infested zones. With shifting designs and varying enemy layouts, each playthrough will differ, keeping players on their toes.

On launch, Extraction will feature 18 operators, 12 ever-evolving maps, 13 missions and a bold claim of “endless replayability”. The aim is for players to upgrade and customise their operators, with over 800 squad combinations to be made.

Upgrade the wall smashing Sledge enough, and you’ll be able to stun large enemies. Or do the same for Vigil and you can cloak your entire squad. Extraction will also feature 69 weapons and 25 gadgets to use against the crusty-looking Archæans.

A Customisable Experience

Rainbow Six Extraction screenshot
Credit: Ubisoft

Extraction will be missing frenetic action brought by unpredictable real-player tactics. However, it is aiming to bring that tactical experience and blow it wide open with a ton of customisation. On top of your gear, abilities and weapons, you’ll also be able to unlock new outfits, skins and weapon charms. And if players wants to unlock all of the above quicker, they’ll have a choice to make. After the completion of a zone they can either bank their rewards, or push ahead and risk it all.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a difficult one to judge from trailers alone. However, it does seem to carry a similar gameplay style to Siege. Here’s hoping that Ubisoft’s focus on customisation and progression, will aid the series transition from PvP to PvE. And with full cross-play available, unlike in Siege, at least you’ll be able to play with any of your friends across all platforms.

Rainbow Six Extraction will release in January 2022 across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Stadia and Luna.

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Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft