Pokemon Go: Second Gen Egg List has been found and it’s incredible

Image: www.polygon.com

Reddit is an active platform where the Pokemon Go players shares their views and ideas about the game. There are a lot of Pokemon Go communities in Reddit which breeds new ideas for the game. The players can also learn a lot of things about Pokemon Go from such communities.

Now, a Reddit user, who goes by the username Vivpix came up with an idea about how the hatching of the second gen Pokemon eggs should be done.

Image: screenrant.com
Image: screenrant.com

He made a list where he divided the Pokemon into 2 km, 5 km and 10 km sections. You can have a look at the list below.


2 KM eggs

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5 KM eggs

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10 KM eggs


The Generation 2 is expected to release later this year or early next year. However, Niantic haven’t revealed much about Generation 2 in the recent past. It will interesting to see if the official egg list by Niantic would be similar to the one above.