Pokemon Go players complain about sore legs as the game makes them exercise

Image: www.entrepreneur.com

Pokemon GO has had a blockbuster launch, and people are very busy catching Pokemon these days. They can almost be spotted everywhere with their phones in their hands searching for Pikachus, Charizards, and Scythers.

The players, however, are accidentally doing something good to their body by walking around in search of Pokemon. But for some players it has been too much exercise, which is leaving them with sore body parts.


Here are some of the players who tweeted about the soreness of their bodies after playing Pokemon Go:


Image: www.cnbc.com
Image: www.cnbc.com

Pokemon GO can be great exercise, but if you’re not used to walking around as much as you do while playing Pokemon GO, just be aware of how much walking you’re actually doing. Moderation is key, but kudos to those that have been getting into better shape thanks to the game.

Credit: Gizmodo