PlayStationGang Radio: Requests And Info

If you enjoy music, prizes, and everything gaming related, then you may want to know about the new PlayStationGang Radio I will be hosting.

I have made this article because I would like to play music everyone is interested in and giveaway prizes everyone wants, not to mention talk about gaming news people actually want to hear about.

Music – I will play anything: censored, uncensored, orchestral, classical, parodies, etc. There are no limitations, so please, request away.

Prizes – I will give away anime items, movies, CDS, downloads, games, books, magazines, etc (pretty much anything). If there is something you have been wanting, you can request it to be a prize. I can’t guarantee you that what you requested will be chosen as a prize, but I’ll do what I can to make prizes awesome.

Gaming News – I will talk about anything gaming related. If you’re tired of all of the old news you’ve already read before, you can request for something new. You are the reason why PlayStationGang is still around, so it only makes sense to try and satisfy you, the community, to the best of our ability.

Questions – there will be a chat section and a call button where you can ask me anything. If I feel it is an appropriate question, I will answer it in text or verbally.

*Spoiler* Expect a PS4 to be one of the prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Comment down below and start requesting for stuff!