Sony: We know PS4’s launch date

Sony’s Worldwide Studio vice president Michael Denny spoke with Edge-Online and confirmed the PS4 release date is done planned.

Previously Sony’s expected to release the  PS4  this year holiday in Japan and the U.S. whereas  UK and  Australia release date will not occur until early 2014, leaving European gamers out in the cold for a number of months release but according to GameStop Executive, the PlayStation 4 will launched globally in 2013.

Sony’s Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny said “we know our launch date, and we think it’s very important that gamers receive that new console experience.”

“With that in mind, we just thought it was the right time to set the vision and set the agenda in New York.”

Sony has already confirmed  one of the reasons they didn’t  revealed the PS4  price and release date  during the PlayStation meeting back in February in New York City.  it was due to the firm “working through all sorts of production schedules”.

“Unless we decided it was a year and a half away: you could probably commit to any date you like if you go that far away,” he said, “but we want to get it out to market quickly and pricing those various commercial variables to be fully weighed up that we’re not fully worked through.”

Keep checking back for more updates about PS4.